Oil Paintings


Recent Work

Six months working in the new studio in Long Island City, New York has been a productive time. Preparing for Long Island City’s Open Studios weekend May 19-20, 2012

Winter in New York

I’ve spent a busy, very humbling winter working on figure and portrait drawing and painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts in New York. The semester ends in a few weeks and I will miss my long walks to and from school through Central Park almost as much as I will miss the talented devoted students I’ve worked along-side this year. Sharon Sprung, our kind and inspiring teacher has managed to impart some knowledge into my thick skull about painting people, but I have many miles of canvas yet to paint. We are not expected to paint like Sharon, even if we could, Sharon speaks to each individual’s style and strengths. Because I am still drawn to landscape painting it is interesting for me to listen when Sharon consults with students in class working on landscapes These are students who have no need for the models in the room, they work from their own studies and take advantage of Sharon’s eye for composition and color for advice on their work. Fascinating what has emerged from focusing on an entirely new subject matter. Our palette is mostly comprised of earth tones and lead white, all paints by Vasari as per Sharon’s orders, and beautiful paint it is. Bit by bit I’m allowing myself to create vibrancy and liveliness with these colors. I began doing abstract pieces “after school” which has been a helpful way to explore form without burning out on painting something real all day.

Inspiring Landscape

The Art of Lake Champlain will present the lake and its environs through the work of fifty visual artists, and includes more than sixty original and stirring works that offer diverse responses to the lake as creative inspiration and muse. Cover work is by Cheryl Appe, an artist living in Charlotte, Vermont.

This richly illustrated book will be a clarion call for the appreciation, and a plea for the preservation, of the lake and the lands that surround it, and for the singular importance of Lake Champlain as the defining element of our Northern landscape. This book is published in conjunction with the quardri-centennial celebration of the discovery of the lake by Samuel de Champlain.

To further illuminate and understand the powerful allure of the lake as source of inspiration, poet Daniel Lusk will provide several original, evocative poems that speak to the primordial beauty, mystery and haunting melodies of the lake.

This special edition of The Art of Lake Champlain is published by Verve Publications and will be produced in a luxury hard cover edition.

This book is certain to be a perennial favorite throughout the local region and beyond, sought after year after year as a wonderful memento of the enthralling majesty of Lake Champlain.