Cheryl Appe is an oil painter with roots in the landscape tradition whose exuberant oil paintings evoke the sensuality of paint. Her abstract paintings explore the language of abstraction through color, mood and movement. Concepts of memory and time are explored in her subjects via the excavation of form as shapes are lost and reemerge. By layering color and shapes, the painting process is emphasized and at times the delicacy of passages belies the physicality of the paint application. Working intuitively with form and color, each layer hides or reveals what came before. In her landscape paintings, nature is depicted and reinvented via an energetic surface of paint. Photography has long been a practice of the artist and she continues to explore the medium, especially when traveling. Working in a New York City print studio, creating works on paper, is one of her newer pursuits.

“Painting en plein air has long been a passion of mine, the act of observing the natural world and painting from life is my constant teacher. A passion for the physical properties of paint and the history of art inform all aspects of my work.My work is about process, about creating order from a chaotic beginning.”


New York School of the Arts, New york, New York

Art Student’s League, New York, New York

National Academy of Art, New York, New York

University of California, Irvine, California

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